Glass Options & Finishes for Your Custom Steel Doors & Windows

Steel doors and windows from The French Steel Company are among the finest available anywhere. Once you decide steel is the right material for your residential or commercial application, it’s time to narrow down the details. Our professionals can recommend glass options and finishes to complement the sleek look and narrow sightlines of your steel windows and doors.

For more information about choosing high-quality glass and finishes, please contact The French Steel Company. We serve customers in Atlanta, DC, and beyond.

Glass Options

The glass you choose for your steel windows and doors depends on several factors. Is the door in an entryway or interior? How much privacy do you require? What overall architectural design are you hoping to achieve?

No matter what glass options appeal to you, rest assured that our panels are insulated and feature a low-e coating for energy efficiency. Tempered or laminated glass is also available for added safety and use in coastal hurricane zones.

Choose from these six architectural glass options or special-order a custom pattern.

  • Water cube/glacier glass is a popular option for front doors, offering transparency with a hint of privacy.
  • Monumental glass provides a high level of obscurity, making it appropriate for bathroom and closet windows.
  • Aquatex glass offers an elegant approach to semi-transparency, allowing light to enter without a clear picture of what lies beyond.
  • Rain glass is our most popular textured glass option, providing a stylish privacy barrier wherever you need it.
  • Sandblast/frosted glass is a semi-opaque option most often seen in commercial settings.
  • Pear glass is suitable for bath areas, allowing natural light to enter while retaining privacy.

To learn more about our glass options, or to request an estimate, please contact The French Steel Company today.


Selecting the proper finish for your steel windows and doors is a critical aspect of the design process. The colors in your home or business may suggest a particular finish, and with our wide range of options, you’re sure to find something that suits your tastes.

We offer six custom, zinc-coated steel door finishes. Our hand-applied hot zinc spray protects the steel from rust and corrosion while providing it with a beautiful faux finish. Then, the exterior clear coat provides an added layer of protection against the elements to preserve the final finish for a lifetime.

With these measures, we guarantee the strength and durability of the finish on your steel windows and doors. Select from these six beautiful options.

  • Matte black is the standard finish available for steel windows and doors. It creates a striking appearance when paired with white or cream-colored walls.
  • Brushed pewter is a slightly brush-textured metal with a gray finish. It pairs wonderfully with cool-colored interiors.
  • Dark pewter is a darker version of brushed pewter to create more contrast with light surfaces.
  • Antique copper is a more raw finish. The dark mottling is designed to conceal wear and tear.
  • Oil-rubbed bronze is a deep brown with a warm undertone. It works beautifully in traditional and transitional settings.
  • Dark bronze is a darker version of oil-rubbed bronze. It provides a lovely contrast with light-colored cabinets.

Visit one of our showrooms in Atlanta or Washington, DC, or contact us online to request a sample of our faux finishes today.

Explore Glass Options & Finishes With The French Steel Company

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