European Doors and Windows by FerroFinestra

European Doors and Windows by FerroFinestra

FerroFinestra is Italian for window iron, but what it really means is European doors and windows that combine Italian steel and aesthetics with meticulous, detail-oriented Swiss craftsmanship. FerroFinestro from Ottostumm is a line of hot-rolled and cold-formed steel window profiles that are laser welded.

These slender and minimalist windows sacrifice nothing in terms of durability, security, or safety. Yet these lissom European doors and windows offer expansive views of the world outside and let the light into your home. This svelte window system is world-class and is rated for warm and temperate weather zones in the United States and supports hinged, bifold, sliding, and pivot doors and windows in both homes and commercial properties.

The Beauty of European Doors and Windows

Slime and durable steel construction
Appealing European styling
Enhanced resistance to inclement weather
Adapts to look both modern and classical
Resistant against fire and other disasters
Environmentally sustainable
Thermally efficient and energy saving
Long term durability
Soundproofing available
Customizable finishes, hardware, and glass

The Durability and Versatility of European Doors and Windows

FerroFinestra is part of French Steel’s Tuscan Series of high-quality, elegant, durable steel windows and doors. It features profiles made of cold-formed galvanized steel, allowing profiles to be folded into finely detailed shapes. These sheet metal profiles are then laser welded into the tightly interlocking shapes that hold the glass portion of European doors and windows tightly into place and seal your home or property against the elements while letting plenty of light in.

The slim lines of FerroFinestra emphasize the transparency of a building’s windows and doors. The slenderness of steel that comes from combining Swiss engineering with Italian sensibilities offers many other benefits.

exterior of brick home with overgrown plants on black steel windows and doors

Excellent Thermal Barrier:

European doors and windows provide exceptional insulation, maintaining a comfortable indoor climate.

Versatile Hardware Options:

FerroFinestra offers a range of concealed and visible hardware options to match various exteriors.

Seamless Exterior Design Integration:

A wide selection of glazing beads allows for a seamless integration of windows into the home’s design.

Complementing Exterior Designs from Minimalist to Baroque:

The hardware options cater to a wide range of design styles, from minimalist to more ornate designs.

Unmatched Open Sightlines:

Whether fitted flush or overlapping, FerroFinestra offers clear and unobstructed views, creating visually appealing spaces.

This line of hot-rolled and cold-formed steel is galvanized for long-term resistance against the elements. Additional layers of Teflon powder coating in one of six metallic finishes further enhance this corrosion resistance while simultaneously improving the building’s style. The look of these European doors and windows can be further customized with your choice of custom glass, from glacially clear panes to privacy-enhancing finishes that block prying eyes.

Trust French Steel to Enhance Your Home’s Beauty, Efficiency, and Durability

European doors and windows from FerroFinestra installed by The French Steel Company transform a home—adding curb appeal and bringing more light and a brighter view of the outdoors into a home. Their appeal is more than skin deep, with the strength of steel enhancing a home’s security against all threats, including the weather and uninvited visitors.

You can trust The French Steel Company to install European windows and doors the right way with tight fits flush with your home’s openings and thresholds. Custom three-point fasteners lock even double doors securely in place from top to bottom and across their entire breadth. We have showrooms in AtlantaChicagoWashington, D.C., and Boca Raton and offer our Tuscan Line of European steel windows and doors across the US.

Contact us to learn more about FerroFinestra and The French Steel Company’s complete line of European Steel windows and doors in the Tuscan Line, and bring the sophistication and meticulous craftsmanship of French Steel to your home.

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