Steel Door & Window Manufacturer in Tampa, FL

exterior of black steel and glass patio doorsThe French Steel Company provides sophisticated steel doors and windows that are impact-rated for hurricanes and high winds, making them perfect for your Tampa home or business.

Our products are not only gorgeous additions to any home’s aesthetic, but they’re also capable of withstanding the effects of Florida’s most severe weather.

Request a quote today. We’re available to take your call at 202-609-9835, or you can contact us online.

Steel Window Installation in Tampa, FL

We install modern steel windows that are beautiful yet tough enough to face Florida’s strongest storms. We offer several styles that you can customize to meet your property’s needs:

  • Window walls are easy to install and can be used to soundproof your commercial or residential property while enhancing its ventilation.
  • Curtain walls can be grouped into two categories. Stick curtain wall systems are installed and assembled on-site. Unitized curtain wall systems are factory-assembled and glazed. Both types help thermal efficiency, reduce building sway, and help to slow the spread of fire.
  • Custom steel windows have endless possibilities. Whether you’re interested in our classic steel windows for your home or storefront interior and exterior steel windows for your business, we offer custom products that work for you.
  • Thermally broken steel windows are attractive options that can help minimize energy loss and condensation despite Florida’s intense heat.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency, functionality, and comfort with steel window installation. Call The French Steel Company at 202-609-9835 or contact us online.

Steel Door Installation in Tampa, FL

We provide comprehensive steel door installation services, including hardware that can complete their sleek and modern look. All of our steel door options are beautiful, high-performing, and available in various finishes.

Our steel door offerings include those listed below:

  • Steel glass doors provide vast views and natural light while maintaining extraordinary strength.
  • Bifold doors provide flexibility, versatility, and a focal point for any residential or commercial space.
  • French steel doors are our signature products that let in plenty of natural light and offer the best energy efficiency and durability.
  • Thermally broken steel doors use Polar Shield technology to prevent cool air from escaping interior spaces.

The French Steel Company is here for all your steel door needs in Tampa. Get a quote at 202-609-9835 or contact us online to get started.

Benefits of Steel Windows and Doors

Installing steel windows and doors in your Tampa home or business will enhance your curb appeal and increase the amount of natural light in your space, making it feel larger and brighter.

Our steel windows and doors are designed to improve your property’s energy efficiency for lower utility costs. And most importantly, all our steel windows and doors are impact-rated and prepared for Tampa’s strongest hurricane winds.

Why Choose The French Steel Company?

The French Steel Company is a full-service steel door and window manufacturing company equipped to handle every aspect of your steel door and window project, including design, manufacturing, and installation.

We believe every customer and property is different and aim to provide individualized service and products to meet your unique needs.

Tell us about your next project. Call us at 202-609-9835 or contact us online to get started.

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