Steel Windows in Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC & Beyond

As a premier steel window and door company, The French Steel Company is dedicated to excellence in the manufacturing, installation, design, and performance of steel windows. Our highly skilled team is here to assist you through each stage of your project, working with you to ensure your complete satisfaction with the results.

Benefits of Custom Steel Windows

Impeccable, durable, and efficient, steel windows offer many benefits you can’t get from vinyl and fiberglass frames. Advantages include:

  1. Strength and security: Steel is the strongest material available for windows. Manufactured to ensure longevity, they’re also ideal for enhancing your home’s security.
  2. Easy maintenance: Steel windows are extremely low maintenance. Windows should be kept free of dust, dirt, sand, and debris, and operable parts should be lubricated regularly.
  3. Countless options: Versatile and beautiful, steel’s elegance is unsurpassed. A steel window’s narrow sightline complements any architectural style, and they have an unlimited variety of handles, operators, and closing devices to choose from.

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Window Walls in Atlanta, GA & Washington, DC

Steel Frame Windows Residential

One of the ways you can incorporate glass into exterior walls is with a window wall system. The design features and unique advantages window walls offer are equally appealing to residents, designers, and builders.

Windows walls from The French Steel Company are a cost-effective way to add safety, efficiency, and soundproofing to any property. Our window walls are customizable and can include:

  • Sliding glass doors
  • Operable casement style or sliding windows
  • Balconies
  • Any other desired addition

Our highly skilled specialists are here to expertly guide you through each stage of your window wall installation to ensure your satisfaction.

Curtain Walls in Atlanta, GA & Washington, DC

industrial office building with all glass windows in front of cloudy skies

Curtain walls are ideal for glass walls that require extremely narrow sections. They maintain an elegant and clean style while meeting strict thermal requirements and structural building codes, opening the door to endless architectural creativity.

The French Steel Company offers two types of curtain wall systems:

  1. Stick curtain wall systems are typically used on low-rise buildings and are assembled on-site during construction. Aluminum “sticks” are installed horizontally and vertically to transfer the glass load back to the building.
  2. Unitized curtain wall systems are assembled and glazed at the factory. They’re popular installations on high-rise buildings, as there’s no need for scaffolding.

While they’re visually attractive, curtain walls also play a critical role in reducing building sway, improving thermal efficiency, and slowing the spread of fire.

Custom Steel Windows in Atlanta, GA & Washington, DC

Custom steel windows from The French Steel Company are designed to enhance any home or business’s aesthetic qualities. Our three lines of custom steel windows are made to accommodate any climate:

  1. Classic steel windows
  2. Thermally broken steel windows
  3. Storefront interior and exterior steel windows

Our specialists work with you to select the steel window style that meets your specific tastes and needs.

Classic Steel Windows

Black Steel Windows in Kitchen Shoal Creek Country Club

Custom steel windows don’t necessarily mean they have to depart from the classic construction that has been around since the early 1900s.

The French Steel Company manufactures and installs classic steel windows in nearly any size to allow a streamlined appearance with maximized open window space.

Thermally Broken Steel Windows

Thermal break technology describes a material with low thermal conductivity to reduce heat flow. Thermally broken steel windows create a barrier between a window’s interior and exterior sides that helps prevent heat or cold from moving through the steel.

Thermally broken windows from The French Steel Company are designed to minimize energy loss. We use Polar Shield™ technology for our thermally broken designs, and each window is engineered and fabricated to provide the highest level of energy efficiency.

Interior & Exterior Storefront Steel Windows

Our interior and exterior storefront windows make your business’s windows work for you. Featuring slim lines and elegant profiles, they:

  • Create an open environment merging the interior and exterior
  • Maintain security
  • Showcase your interior design and the view outside
  • Provide curb appeal to lure in potential customers

Schedule Steel Window Installation in Atlanta, GA & Washington, DC

As an industry leader in steel window manufacturing, the French Steel Company installs window walls, curtain walls, classic steel windows, thermally broken steel windows, and interior and exterior storefront windows that give residential and commercial properties a stylish makeover that lasts a lifetime.

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