Hurricane Impact Series

Windows & Doors Made to Withstand the Extreme Forces of Hurricanes

French-steel Impact-rated windows and doors combine the elegance of French-style with the durability and safety features necessary to protect from high winds, flying debris, and water infiltration.

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Water Infiltration Protection

Sealing and weatherstripping systems are designed to prevent water from infiltrating into the building.

Energy Efficiency

Modern impact-rated windows and doors also focus on energy
, using insulated glass units and Low-E coatings.

Aesthetic Options

Despite their emphasis on durability and safety, these products can be customized in terms of design, finish, and aesthetics


Proper installation is crucial for maintaining the effectiveness of
impact-rated windows and doors. We highly recommend using The French Steel Company as your installation professional


Florida Product Approval # Design Pressure Certification of +/- 65, which meets Miami-Dade impact code (reciprocated by most building codes nationwide).

Local Presence in FL

In addition to our vast dealer network statewide, we have a
French Steel window and door showroom locally in Boca Raton! Come see us at 6740
East Rogers Circle in Boca.

Impact Resistance

Our windows and doors are constructed using strong materials and are designed to withstand the impact of flying debris during a hurricane.

High Wind Resistance

Strengthened frames, multi-point locking systems, Impact
glass, and reinforced anchoring ensure products are hurricane wind resistant.