SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design)


Savannah, GA

Project Completion

December, 2022


Scardino Doors, LLC

Dublin Glass Co.


  • 4 casement windows
  • Tuscan-Secco Italian Components
  • 4 fixed windows

The legendary art school located in the heart of historic downtown Savannah, SCAD started from scratch in 1979 and quickly grew to become one of America’s premiere colleges of art and design in just a few years. Indeed, with additional campuses now in Atlanta and Lacoste, France, SCAD is attracting top art and design students from across the Americas and Europe.

The French Steel Company was honored to be invited to contribute it’s design expertise to the construction of a new dining area in one of the student residential halls. Seen here, these elegant French Steel windows offer the thinnest possible frames and sashes available in the world, with maximum glass and light area. The steel profiles or frames, are manufactured in Italy. We then fabricate those imported components into the configurations specified in the architectural building plans. These were selected from our Tuscan Series product line featuring Secco steel profiles. See

We also partnered with top-tier general contractor JE Dunn, 13th largest in the US, celebrating their 100th year in construction. Due to very tight lead times, these custom steel units were constructed, shipped and installed on an expedited basis in a record-breaking 20 weeks following CAD drawing approvals.