Commercial Storefront Doors and Windows

Explore French Steel’s custom commercial storefront doors and windows and let your commercial property stand out. With a wide range of options more durable than standard aluminum, our fully customizable doors and windows can fit your unique requirements while providing unparalleled beauty and utility.

Whether you are working with a new design or a heritage property finding new life as a retail or restaurant space, we can help. Customization options include an array of metal coatings and glass finishes ranging from classic black steel doors to windows framed in bronze. Whatever the decor, The French Steel Company has custom commercial storefront doors and curtain wall systems to match.

Features of Custom Commercial Storefront Doors

All residential and commercial doors share certain elements, whether made of metal or wood, and we can customize their appearance by altering the dimensions or materials used. Below, we present the key features typically found in commercial storefront doors.


Horizontal elements of the door frame perpendicular to the hinges. They include the top, bottom, and lock rails.


Horizontal elements of the door frame perpendicular to the hinges. They include the top, bottom, and lock rails.


Vertical parts of a door that separate panels or interrupt a single panel. They replace stiles in such cases.


The largest part of a door’s surface area. In metal doors, glass often replaces panels, forming window panes.

Lock Rails

Additional horizontal rails dividing the door into sections. They interrupt panels, unlike lock stiles.

Cross Rails

Multiple horizontal rails dividing a door into smaller sections.

Window Panes

Glass inserts used in place of panels, typically in metal doors.

Differences in these elements help give each door its unique style. In the case of commercial storefront doors, common classifications correspond to the width of the stile and include:

  • Narrow stile doors
  • Medium stile doors
  • Wide stile doors.

Commercial Storefront Window and Curtain Walls

An image of a commercial building curtain wall which also has commercial storefront windows and doors

Modern construction techniques bring most of the weight of commercial buildings to load-bearing walls and columns. Consequently, exterior walls can be as open as the architect or owner desires. Two types of curtain walls are available that take advantage of these structural properties.

  • Stick Curtain Walls: Stick curtain walls are modular systems where the curtain walls are assembled onsite from prefabricated “sticks” or small pieces of metal that make up the mullions and rails of the curtain wall.
  • Unitized Curtain Walls: Unitized curtain walls made of large sections of windows are fabricated offsite, trucked into construction areas, and installed in place in a single go.

Although stick and unitized curtain wall systems are visually similar, they each have unique advantages and drawbacks. While stick curtain walls are relatively inexpensive, flexible, and adjustable throughout construction, they are fabricated onsite and can take time to complete. Unitized curtain walls, in comparison, are stronger and arrive ready to be bolted into place. Lead times for design and fabrication, though, can be longer.

Custom Commercial Storefront Doors and Windows That Break the Mold

The business storefront serves as the initial point of contact for customers and clients when they visit a commercial property. It can entice potential customers to step inside and explore the establishment or compel them to move on. For restaurants, as well as retail and office spaces,  the property’s visual appeal plays a crucial role. When creating a positive and elegant impression, nothing compares to the allure of custom commercial storefront doors and windows crafted by The French Steel Company.

Getting Started With The French Steel Company

The unmatched durability of steel is an ideal material for hardwearing and attractive commercial storefront doors and windows. Its strength is matched only by its ability to meet the different styles and needs of commercial properties. Whatever your commercial property demands, The French Steel Company can design, build, and install the commercial storefront doors and windows that make all the difference for your commercial property.

Contact Us or visit our showrooms in Atlanta,  Washington, D.C.Chicago, and Boca Raton to start creating a commercial property that stands out. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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