Tuscan Series

Italian Steel Doors Tuscan Secco Series

When the finest possible sightlines are desired for a steel window or door, there is no better option than French Steel’s Tuscan Series Product. Using Italian-imported Secco Sistemi OS-2 75 profiles, this world-class thermally broken product is rated for nearly every climate zone in the United States. This low-profile steel system can be used in a variety of applications: hinged, sliding, bifold, pivot, and more.

The French Steel Company is all too familiar with the quality and elegance of Italian steel and Italian steel doors and windows. Our Tuscan line of windows and doors uses cold-rolled galvanized steel from Secco Sistemi, the internationally recognized leader in galvanized steel profiles for luxury doors and windows. These are assembled into the incredibly energy-efficient, thermally broken doors and windows of our French Steel Tuscan line.

The Quality and Beauty of The French Steel Company’s Tuscan Series

The Tuscan line is made from Secco Sistemi’s OS2 65 line of cold-rolled galvanized steel profiles. A profile is simply a thin piece of steel folded into a shape. In the case of OS2 65, this profile is the multi-piece interlocking frame that holds the glass of a door or window in place. The profiles not only keep the glass in place, but their interlocking structure also helps to prevent airflow and air intrusion through the frame. They are then further insulated to create thoroughly thermally broken steel doors and windows and the outstanding energy efficiency of the French Steel Tuscan Line.

The cold rolled steel processed at room temperature allows for the formation of the steel into these intricate profiles. The cold rolling allows for finer detailing to be created. The cold rolling process is also effectively a strain-hardening process that lends the following advantages to the steel:

The beauty of Italian Style steel doors looks good inside and outside.

Increased Efficiency

Due to the cold rolling process, French Steel is able to thermally break all parts of the window/door, including the true divided lite muntins.

Reduced sightlines

This low-profile steel system offers the thinnest possible profiles with the narrowest possible jambs, all of which are thermally broken.

World-class quality

Italian-based Secco Sistemi is a name recognized by architects and designers worldwide.

OS2 75

OS2 75 is the thermally broken system belonging to the OS2 family, winner of the Compasso d’Oro 2018. The profiles, with visible sections, ranging from 27 to 62 mm, house glazing up to 50 mm and allow for many variants in differentiating facade arrangements and opening types, even with a tilt and turn.

OS2 65

Efficient and versatile, the thermally broken OS2 65 has a depth of 65 mm to accommodate glazing up to 40 mm; with visible sections ranging from 27 to 62 mm. OS2 65 is a system to design the desired door or window in detail with minimal sections and high-performance features of the OS2 family.


The OS2 thermally broken system in the OS2 BV variant, with the same beveled corner molding on the outside of the sash and in the glazing bead. Perfect symmetry between inside and outside, with the glass aligned with the section of the frame and the performance characteristics of the OS2 family.


The OS2 AS thermally broken system allows to produce lift-and-slide doors, with a floor-level threshold, in perfect continuity with OS2 75, 65 and LB windows and doors. A complete set of special profiles that correspond to the features of the OS2 family.


The thermally broken OS2 LB system integrates the free opening in the windows and doors of the OS2 family, with the same high-performance and minute profiles. The sashes up to 100 x 290 cm rotate and slide with reduced dimensions on concealed hinges and rails; the profiles have constant sections along the entire perimeter of the frame.

OS2 40

OS2 40 is the system with tubular profiles of the OS2 family. The highest quality focuses on a system reduced to the essentials, with a depth of 40 mm and visible sections ranging from 12 to 62 mm. Ideal for implementing lightweight frames for interior design projects, with glazing partitions that reproduce the same design of the windows and doors.

This quality steel is then galvanized and given an additional coating of zinc that protects it from rust and corrosion. This corrosion resistance is then further enhanced with a great-looking powder-coated finish that lasts a lifetime. The Tuscan Line from The French Steel Company offers the finest Italian steel doors and windows for homeowners across the United States.

OS2 Glazing Beads

Profiles and Glazing Beads

The small profiles placed in front of the glass to fix it are also design elements of the frame and are produced in the same finishes as the frame.

Meticulously engineered glazing beads seamlessly integrate with these profiles, offering both form and function for your projects.

Inward Opening Sections

Outward Opening Sections

The Benefits of Italian Steel Doors

NFRC Energy Certified
Low maintenance
Reduced Sighlines
Aesthetic appeal
Customizable options
Durable and long-lasting
Soundproofing Available
Increased property value

The Beauty of Italian Steel Doors and Windows in Your Home

Italian steel doors and windows from The French Steel Company have a transformative effect on a home’s daily livability, its curb appeal, and its safety in the face of both the weather and uninvited guests. It is a beauty and an elegance that goes far beyond just the appearance of Italian steel doors and windows.

Enhance Your Home’s Beauty, Efficiency, and Safety With Italian Steel Doors and Windows

The French Steel Company has showrooms in Atlanta, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Boca Raton, but our Tuscan Line of Italian steel doors, along with our other products, are available throughout the continental United States.

Contact us to experience the epitome of understated modern luxury with Italian steel doors and windows. Trust French Steel to bring the timeless elegance of Italian style to your home.