Sandy Springs Estate

Black Steel Glass Doors for Sandy Springs Country Estate

This expansive estate floor plan incorporated modern art interiors with luxurious interior furnishings and expansive views of the exterior forest and garden. Modern artwork adorns the textured walls, and the open floor plan features a refrigerated wine cellar stocked with vintage wines. For entertaining outside, the main level overlook features black steel glass doors incorporating rain-textured privacy glass, allowing ready ingress and egress between the master suite and exterior veranda.

Architecturally, the creative challenge for this million-dollar remodel project was to blend sophisticated building materials with more rustic original architecture. In cooperation with the interior designer and home builder, multiple designs were discussed which led to the most appropriate final solution perfect for steel glass doors. Especially for the exterior doors, the goal was to combine elegance with security. The frames of all our steel french doors offer maximum security, given that in most forced entries, it is the door jamb which breaks and fails, not the door itself. Our steel frames eliminate this risk.

To determine the best fit and finish for your steel and glass doors and windows, we recommend several meetings with our staff to review architectural plans and design parameters. In the case of the Sandy Springs Estate, this involved multiple on-site meetings with the home builder and interior designer as well as internal meetings among our staff to determine the best possible choices for function and appearance. Once the optimal design parameters were established, a process that takes 4 to 6 weeks on average, the plans were sent into manufacturing and within 10 weeks the steel units were crafted, faux finished, shipped and installed.


Sandy Springs, Georgia

Project Completion

December 2016


Chesapeake Homes

General Contractor

Bob Mayer


Benton Parker Interiors


  • Steel door for refrigerated wine room
  • Steel shower door with patterned glass for privacy

This splendid remodeled estate features multi-terraced yards and pools as well as French Steel doors for the master bath and wine cellar.