English Country Living

English Country Living in Buckhead

Reminiscent of true English country architecture, this home features a double arched French Steel front entry, soaring 18 foot steel true-divided lite windows adjacent to the foyer staircase, a 6-panel folding steel door opening onto the terrace from the main living area, and a 4-panel folding steel door system for entrance to the outdoor fireplace and pool patio.

Upon entering the foyer through the double arch steel doors guests are greeted with the 18-foot high steel window wall cascading natural light into the four corners of the foyer area. Architect Linda McArthur specified true-divided lite construction to create a transparent, soaring wall of light. This unit was engineered into four quadrants to maintain structural integrity throughout the expansive installation. The use of architectural steel windows in this application proved necessary as a load-bearing structure, where other materials such as wood, vinyl, or fiberglass would not support the units scope and size for such an opening.

Bringing the radiant natural light of the terrace indoors, egress is available through the 20ft by 9ft steel folding door system. With the folding capability of each panel, the entire 20ft opening can be utilized for entertaining guests between outdoors and in. When the unit is closed, however, access is permitted through the active panel while the other 5 panels remain fixed. In addition to the 20ft system, this home features a smaller 4-panel folding unit, joining the dining room and enclosed patio. This space offers a cozy alternative to the formal dining room setting. You won’t find a better set of steel windows and doors in Buckhead.


Atlanta, Georgia

Project Completion

July 2017


Linda D’Orazio MacArthur Architect, LLC

General Contractor

Mark Jeanetta


The architect’s goals for this large remodel project were maximum light and large openings. The French Steel units met the criteria beautifully.