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Hot Rolled Steel Windows & Doors

In the market for new steel windows or doors? You may have seen the terms “hot rolled steel” and “cold rolled steel” used to describe some products here or elsewhere and wondered what exactly these terms meant or implied about the product. To help you make informed decisions in your shopping, and to better empower you as you continue your research, let’s take a closer look at hot rolled steel and its benefits. 

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What Is Hot Rolled Steel?

Hot rolled steel, when used to describe metal products such as windows or doors, refers to the way the metals involved in the product were processed at the mill. Hot rolled steel is steel that is rolled at high temperatures to produce the base material used in these window and door products. Cold rolled steel is essentially hot rolled steel with further processing after its initial hot rolling; the steel is cooled in a storage area to room temperature, and then annealed.

The French Steel Company uses Hot rolled steel for our Classic Series windows and doors. We also use Cold rolled steel for our luxury line, the Tuscan Series, which is imported from Italy. Cold rolled steel is used for projects where the customer wants the thinnest possible profiles and the most elegant designs we offer. These differences in profiles can be seen in our gallery, or on our Tuscan page.

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Benefits of Hot Rolled Steel

Our hot-rolled steel products provide customers with the beauty and strength of steel windows and doors. Our classic series offers very competitive pricing without sacrificing quality and craftsmanship.  Our Hot rolled profiles can be seen in both our commercial and residential products with various finishes and different styles of hardware. See our professional gallery here.

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