Specialty Glass

When it comes to architectural elegance and functional design, few materials rival the allure of specialty glass. The French Steel Company can combine the strength and versatility of steel with the beauty and utility of glass, creating a range of options that redefine modern construction and design standards.

Laminated Impact Glass

Laminated glass stands out for its safety features and aesthetic appeal. Composed of two or more layers of glass bonded together with a tough interlayer, this type of glass offers enhanced security, as it tends to remain intact even when shattered. The French Steel Company often incorporates laminated glass in their designs for impact-rated windows, and doors, providing both protection and visual appeal. Our custom steel doors and windows are Florida Product approved to be used in various impact zones.

Colored Glass

The French Steel Company offers colored glass for projects requiring a touch of sophistication and style. The colored glass types add visual interest and privacy without compromising natural light transmission. The French Steel Company collaborates with renowned glass artists and designers to create bespoke decorative glass solutions for windows, partitions, and doors, adding a unique twist to architectural designs. We offer solutions in various sizes, colors, and applications that contain this specialty glass.

Ballistic Glass

Our ballistic glass option allows customers to install our glass in various applications. Whether a bank, gun range, or any application where ballistic-rated glass is required. Our door and window options can be custom-made to allow different styles and levels of ballistic glass. The French Steel Company can provide this specialty glass solution to cater to those who need the utmost protection.

Fire-Rated Glass

Safety is paramount in architectural design, and fire-rated glass options from The French Steel Company provide crucial protection without compromising aesthetics. These specialized glasses are designed to withstand fire and heat, limiting the spread of flames and smoke during emergencies. Whether used in doors, partitions, or exterior applications, fire-rated glass ensures compliance with building codes while maintaining design continuity and transparency. This glass is suitable for both our residential, and commercial applications.

Curved Glass

The latest addition to our specialty glass options is the ability to create curved glass for various steel frames. Our team is capable of designing, manufacturing, and installing this glass in residential and commercial applications. Our curved glass allows businesses and homes to showcase our beautiful steel frames along with the sophisticated design and technicality of curved glass.

Electronic Switch Glass

Electronic switch glass can be installed in various spaces to allow customers to have the option between regular glass or opaque glass all with the touch of a switch. This glass can be installed in doors and windows and hide all the wiring to create the perfect space. Our switch glass can be seen in showers, front doors, or anywhere with the intent of optional privacy.

The French Steel Company’s specialty glass options represent the pinnacle of innovation, combining cutting-edge technologies with timeless craftsmanship. From enhancing safety and energy efficiency to elevating aesthetic appeal and functionality, these glass solutions redefine the possibilities of modern architecture. Whether you’re envisioning a modern touch to a restaurant, or updating your home with timeless design, the diverse range of specialty glass options offered by The French Steel Company opens doors to limitless design possibilities, blending strength, beauty, and performance in perfect harmony.