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About The French Steel Company

You’ll see several mentions of engineering and design throughout our website. By focusing on these two priorities and getting them done well, we deliver to our customers the most value and satisfaction for many years after installation.

Our experience in residential and commercial construction spans more than 225 cumulative years.

From our offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Palm Beach, Washington DC, and Oregon, our management, staff, dealers, and subcontractors are available to consult with you on building plans, field measures, showroom visits, and product demonstrations. 

Thank you for sharing your design plans with us.  

Our Recent Sales Retreat in North Carolina

Kevin Arnold

General Manager, National Installation Director

Madison Bynum

Office Manager

the french steel company william cannon employee photo

William Cannon

External Council

Maggie Czerwinkski

Supply Chain Analyst

Steve Edgcomb

General Manager, Chicago

Alex Perry

Dealer Relationship Manager

Tiffany Pulice


Holly Scardino

Sales Director

Thomas Scardino

COO/Product Manager

Tom Scardino


the french steel company donna sheffield employee photo

Donna Sheffield


Kim Siegel

General Sales Manager, Florida 

Trevor Strasser

Digital Marketing Manager

Shawn Zumbrum

Account Executive, West Coast