Washington DC

Custom Steel Windows and Doors in Washington DC

Washington DC is one of, if not the most, architecturally significant cities in the US. Owners of homes and commercial properties in the city and surrounding areas in Northern Virginia and Maryland shouldn’t be satisfied with humdrum off-the-shelf doors and windows. Custom steel windows and doors for Washington DC area homes and businesses give these properties a timeless look and an elegance befitting the nation’s capital. For the very best in steel windows and doors for residential, retail, and office buildings in Washington DC, look no further than The French Steel Company.

We are a family-owned business providing custom-built and high-quality steel windows and doors. Our products combine classic wrought iron or early industrial look stylings with modern materials, construction techniques, and thermal breaking know-how to create thresholds for homes and commercial properties that keep them secure and comfortably climate controlled while lending them timeless and lasting elegance.

Steel Windows and Doors for Washington DC Commercial Properties

Sliding Steel and Glass Doors South City Kitchen

One of the most common criticisms leveled at commercial properties, be they offices, retail stores, or restaurants, is that they tend to be indistinct and blend together. Custom French Steel windows and doors bring character to a property and make a positive impression on customers and employees alike. They turn commercial properties into destinations to be visited and enjoyed, whether it is as a place to work, shop, or enjoy meals with friends.

Our custom designs offer six different finishes and four different hardware options for our commercial window walls, storefront windows, and steel doors. The French Steel Company’s customization options provide bespoke design options for neighborhood bistros on Washington’s street corners to the offices of a software development firm near Georgetown.

Custom Windows and Doors for DC Homes

French Steel brings the same elegant styles to Washington DC homes with custom steel doors and windows. Eye-catching French Steel windows and doors add a great deal of curb appeal to a Washington DC home. Since these are modern thermally broken windows and doors, they also enhance home comfort in both winter and summer and can help homeowners save on their heating and cooling.

In addition to style and comfort, French Steel windows and doors add security to a home. Steel door and window frames, locked and dead-bolted with hardened steel hardware, and steel door jambs and window frames pose a formidable obstacle and play a significant role in keeping families safe. French Steel provides an elegant and secure way to protect a home’s thresholds from intruders as well as the elements.

Design and Installation of Custom Steel Windows and Doors

The French Steel Company is in the business of custom steel windows and doors for Washington DC and nationwide. They are made to fit your home and meet your exact specification for dimensions, with the coatings and hardware you’ve chosen, and the type and finish of glass you desire. They are timelessly elegant in every respect. The French Steel Company merely assists in achieving your vision offering expert advice in helping you find the materials and styles that fit your needs and wants, clearly communicating delivery and installation times, and providing expert quality workmanship in installation.