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Curtain Walls in Atlanta, GA, Washington, DC & Beyond

Curtain walls form a part of the building envelope, serving as the first line of defense against the elements. The quality of the materials and installation will determine the aesthetic appeal, value, and life span of the facade while preventing any damage to the interior or exterior of the property. The French Steel Company is one of the world’s premier steel window and door companies, with the experience, knowledge, and expertise needed to ensure the successful design, installation, and maintenance of your curtain wall project.

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What Is a Curtain Wall?

curtain wall system is typically comprised of aluminum framing and glass and is a thin, lightweight outer layer that is nonstructural and only able to carry its own weight. The loads from wind and gravity are transferred from the surface of each panel to the structure of the building via the floor line, and each glazing system is designed to work seamlessly with adjacent structural elements including the roof, wall cladding, and wall details.

Types of Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Depending on the manner in which the components are fabricated and installed, glass curtain walls can be divided into these two main categories:

Stick Curtain Wall System

Stick curtain walls are installed in long sections that are assembled on-site during the construction of the building. The “sticks” are typically made from aluminum and are installed both horizontally and vertically to transfer the load back to the building. This type of system is used most often for low-rise buildings as exterior access may be difficult at higher elevations.

Unitized Curtain Wall System

Unitized curtain walls are fabricated as large panels and are assembled and glazed at the factory. Vertical and horizontal mullions in each module pair together seamlessly with the adjoining module, and the size is determined by the floor-to-floor height of the structure. This type of system is popular in high-rise applications as there is no need for external scaffolding.

Curtain Wall System Benefits

Curtain walls are designed to span multiple levels and have a number of advantages in modern design, including:

Reduced Building Sway

While a curtain wall is not intended to provide structural stability, it can increase the overall security of the structure by reducing the sway of the building. Through the distribution of kinetic energy along the frame and structure, a curtain wall can equalize any stresses placed on the building, helping it to withstand high winds and increase comfort.

Thermal Efficiency

Curtain walls are designed to keep out the elements such as wind and rain for more consistent temperatures throughout the interior of the building. When expertly glazed and treated, curtain walls can reduce heating, cooling, and lighting costs, for long-term energy efficiency and cost savings.

Slow the Spread of Fire

Curtain walls can act as a barrier that prevents or slows the spread of fire between the floors and across the surfaces of a building.

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