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Glass plays a crucial role in the design of any residential or commercial building, used for both aesthetic appeal and functionality. While there are several ways for builders to incorporate glass into exterior walls, two of the most common options are with the installation of a curtain wall or an interior window wall system. Window walls are the ideal solution for any number of applications, with a number of unique advantages and design features that are equally as appealing to designers, builders, and residents.

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What Is a Window Wall?

A window wall is created by installing glazing between the concrete slabs of a building, utilizing the slabs as structural support for the vertical load. The units are laterally fastened at the head and sill and sealed with caulking — and because the exterior wall is broken up by concrete slabs above and below, fire-stopping is not required.

Benefits of a Window Wall Installation

A window wall system offers maximum value, flexibility, and performance, with benefits that include:

Ease of Installation

Window wall units are typically fabricated and glazed off-site and are pre-certified and pre-tested by the manufacturer. This practice optimizes the installation process and eliminates the need for the time-intensive construction of on-site glazing. Also, most window wall systems are installed from the inside, reducing the need for specialized equipment, lifts, and handling time.

Cost Savings

An interior window wall system can be installed for a fraction of the cost of a curtain wall, through a reduction in labor, materials, caulking, and equipment. Simplification of the components used during manufacturing further reduces their initial cost, while the lack of requirement for structural engineering helps to make them a cost-effective, efficient alternative for residential and commercial applications.


The separation of each window wall unit creates a sealed space, reducing the transmission of noise, smoke, and odors between floors.


Window walls are typically installed from the interior of the building, reducing the need for specialized safety and lift equipment, and eliminating many of the risks associated with an exterior installation.


Ease of installation and prefabrication of materials can significantly shorten the project cycle time for a more efficient, optimized window wall installation.

Energy Savings

A window wall compartmentalizes the units, reducing the stack effect and helping to improve the energy efficiency of the building.


Window walls are very customizable and can include components such as operable casement style or sliding windows, sliding glass doors, balconies, and other desired additions. As well as enhancing ventilation, operable components help to fulfill the need for a more residential feel in a commercial environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Window Walls

What makes a window wall different from a curtain wall?

curtain wall is made up of metal framing and glass affixed to the slab, a single large structure that hangs on the side of a building like a curtain. Alternatively, a window wall is an installation mounted between slabs, making each floor a separate construction and allowing it to be installed anywhere you would install any other kind of non-load-bearing wall.

Why choose a window wall over a normal wall?

Window walls offer several benefits. Visibility and improved lighting are obvious benefits of replacing a normal wall with a glass and steel structure. Window walls can also improve ventilation with operable structures, be designed to close away out of sight when unneeded, offer privacy and solitude without complete isolation in an office environment, etc. A window wall is also, of course, striking and aesthetically pleasing, atop the other benefits.

Do window walls require maintenance?

Window walls will require maintenance similar to any comparable set of windows, including cleaning, attention to seals and caulking, etc. Window walls with operable fixtures will, of course, see faster wear and tear if they’re used frequently, the same as a window might when compared to a non-operable picture window.

Can you replace an existing wall with a window wall?

A window wall can easily replace an internal wall with the caveat that said internal wall cannot be load-bearing unless you’re going to commit to a more significant architectural endeavor. Using window walls for external walls can vary in difficulty depending on the structure; in some cases, it may be rather simple, but not all building designs are favorable for a quick and easy retrofit of this kind.

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