Steel Window and Steel Door Installations

Just as important as design and manufacture are the installation and servicing of your doors and windows — they need to operate as elegantly as they look. Every custom steel door and window is custom-made to exact specifications and every installation is unique.

The French Steel Company’s AAMA-certified window installers are professional craftsmen who ensure that doors and windows open, swing and close to exceed industry standards. Our company is certified in and our installers follow Installation Masters™ guidelines from the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA).

Installing steel doors and windows requires specialized training and expertise, and you can trust the French Steel Company to install your project’s windows and doors properly.

Let our architectural craftsmen provide you with comprehensive information regarding your specific steel door and window needs — contact our team today to discuss your various aesthetic options. 

Installation Experts

With the unique nature of architectural steel windows and doors comes a unique installation process. We treat this crucial step with great care by tailoring each installation to the specific project it is associated with. By doing this, we ensure the proper functionality of your steel windows and doors while maintaining an elegant flow between your French Steel and the existing space.

We take pride in not only the aesthetic elegance of our French Steel line but the graceful operation of our products as well. It is no small task to ensure that a 300-pound door swings with the push of a finger, or that a set of 25 light commercial steel windows will seal a space airtight. This is why our expert team of certified professionals is such a critical component of any French Steel installation. Our crew is specially trained for handling and installing French Steel windows and doors, along with their hardware.

Steel windows and doors require expert knowledge for installation. Contact us to have your French Steel doors installed professionally today.

Why Choose Us for Your Steel Door & Window Installation?

With The French Steel Company, you can rest assured that your steel window installation and steel door installation will be handled with the highest level of professionalism. Whether your project is a residential remodel or commercial new construction, we understand that the addition of new steel windows and steel doors often requires access to private spaces, and we treat this with a great deal of respect. Our crew will make sure your steel window installation and steel door installation are done while working around your schedule.

We know the stress that comes with a remodel or new construction, and we pay close attention to details to minimize it. Installations are kept tidy from start to finish, and your home or commercial space will be treated with care.

Our professional installers will take every precaution to make sure your steel doors and windows are shipped, delivered, and installed with the highest level of care. During shipping, all doors and windows are individually wrapped and packaged and are moved straight from the manufacturers’ packaging into your home. 

Our steel window and steel door installers are highly trained and knowledgeable and experienced. We are familiar with nearly every opening type, which allows us to handle just about any retrofit project that comes our way. You can rest assured that whether it’s French Steel doors or commercial steel windows, our products will be manufactured, packed, shipped, and installed with care and professionalism.

Contact us for quotes regarding the design and installation of your French Steel doors and windows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Steel Windows & Doors

Are steel windows energy-efficient?

Steel windows offer many efficiency benefits, most notably their resilience and resistance to warping and degradation. Because energy efficiency for windows is, in large part, determined by how tightly and reliably they stay sealed against the elements, this is a major advantage for steel.

Of course, the other component of window energy efficiency is resistance to heat moving through the frame material itself. While you might expect steel to be lacking here, thermally broken steel windows eliminate this flaw and allow for incredibly efficient windows that will stay efficient.

Will steel doors match my home?

Steel doors can match the aesthetic of nearly any home and can serve as entry doors, French-style patio doors, interior doors, and more, which is great since they offer many benefits.

But of course, you’ll need to choose the right steel doors for the job and customize them appropriately to match your ideal design.

How much can I customize steel windows and doors?

When it comes to custom products, it’s not uncommon for “custom” to mean different things in different contexts — and of course, steel windows and doors are no exception.

At The French Steel Company, our steel windows and doors are custom-made to exact specifications so they’re completely customizable.

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