Those seeking to bring renewed style and efficiency to their homes may find the answers they seek through French door installation. An exquisite combination of windows and doors, French doors create the illusion of increased space as they bathe your living spaces with natural light.

But aren’t French doors a security concern? And doesn’t all that glass create a pesky draft?

Not necessarily! With the newer technologies featured in French steel-framed doors, you’ll enjoy the beauty and elegance of a traditional French door with all the energy efficiency and durability of a steel door. The team at French Steel Company has put together the ultimate guide to French doors below to help you discover all the benefits that French door installation can provide to your home.

What Are French Steel Doors?

French doors and French windows are interchangeable terms for the same thing: A door that is composed of multiple glass panels. Typically, these doors swing inward or outward and are installed in pairs. Each door is hinged and may be used in an interior or exterior capacity. Many times, these doors are installed to connect two adjacent rooms together or to provide access to a balcony, patio, or other outdoor area.

French steel doors are specifically engineered for strength, featuring slender yet sturdy steel frames, stiles, rails, and muntins carefully crafted to hold large panes of insulated glass. Custom designers work to create unique designs in many available sizes, shapes, and profiles for a truly personalized final product. The large glass panels allow increased natural light to spill into your living spaces, allowing for panoramic views.

Benefits of French Steel Door Installation

In the past, French doors received a poor reputation for having poorer energy efficiency than other door types. Additionally, the glass panels were a source of security concern as intruders could easily break them to enter the home. Today, new technologies have been developed to dramatically increase energy efficiency, security, and durability in French doors. Now, those who install French steel-framed doors in their home can reap the following benefits:

  • Energy Efficiency: Today’s French doors feature double- and triple-pane glass solutions with special coatings to prevent against thermal transfer. Not only that, but the increased sunlight in your home will help you reduce energy usage on interior lighting.
  • Entertaining: Installing exterior French doors is an excellent way to expand your outdoor living areas and increase your space for entertainment.
  • Natural Light: The natural light isn’t just great for saving on your electricity bill; it also provides a panoramic view of the great outdoors.
  • Durability: French steel doors aren’t just timeless and elegant, but they also add significant integrity to your home’s structure. A steel jamb is used to hang architectural metal doors, providing increased strength to the home’s construction in areas that typically experience increased wear-and-tear due to higher foot traffic and weather exposure.

Tips for French Steel Door Design & Installation

Before scheduling French door installation, you’ll first need to make a few key considerations. The following tips can help you decide exactly what type of French doors are right for your home:

  • Door Swing: As aforementioned, French doors typically swing in or out with two hinged doors installed side-by-side. However, French Steel Company also offers folding French door solutions for smaller spaces that do not have enough room for swing-in/swing-out operation. Be sure to consider your space constraints and plan accordingly as folding solutions tend to cost more for their design complexity.
  • Glass: Those planning to install French doors in areas that experience increased sunlight exposure may wish to consider getting special coatings for their window glass. Window tints and coatings can also help keep floors, furniture, and décor from fading. Another option is opaque glass, which helps increase privacy while still allowing for natural light. Additionally, it’s important to choose glass that is thicker and has low-E glass for enhanced insulation.
  • Weatherproof: Be sure to install weatherstripping on exterior French doors as this will also increase energy efficiency.
  • Door Size: French doors can be hung anywhere that has a standard opening size. However, even if your home does not have a standard opening, the French Steel Company can create custom sizes to meet your exact design specifications.
  • Locks: In order to achieve the greatest degree of security, you’ll need to outfit your exterior French doors with the right locks. Typically, French doors should have a three-point locking system that secures the door to the head jamb and sill.

French Steel for Your French Doors

If you’re thinking of bringing enhanced style, efficiency, and space to your home, French door installation may be exactly what you need. At the French Steel Company, our team of expert craftsmen creates custom steel door solutions to meet each of our clients’ unique needs. Offering a 10-year warranty on the operation of all windows and doors, and a one-year warranty on finishes, the only risk you take with the French Steel Company is not securing your installation appointment fast enough!

Contact our team to get started with your French door installation service today.

French Steel’s doors and windows transform both the appearance and livability of a home. Their beauty is more than skin deep, combining the durability and timeless look of steel and glass with modern thermal breaking that improves the efficiency of home heating and cooling.

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