Wine is a lively evening, a lifestyle, and an investment poured into a bottle corked and saved for a graduation, a wedding, or maybe just a rainy day. Wine can also represent hope for the future—and like hope, wine must be protected and preserved. Wine cellars perform this necessary protection. And while wine cellars traditionally have been built underground to take advantage of stable, cool temperatures, today’s wine storage options have evolved. We specialize in custom glass wine cellar doors that will complement the elegance of your collection and space.

The Advantages of Glass Wine Cellar Doors

Wine is a natural product derived predominantly from the fermentation of grapes. This means that it can be damaged from the intrusion of mold, fungi, or bacteria. The flavor and aroma can also be spoiled by rapid fluctuations in temperature. A high alcohol or sugar content can make wine less susceptible to spoilage due to temperature variation but an excessive bite or sweetness in wine is associated with poorer quality. Fine wines with nuanced flavors benefit the most from careful temperature controlled storage.

steel and glass wine cellar doors in a commercial gourmet kitchen. Wine should be stored at temperatures that range from 45° to 64° Fahrenheit with about 55° Fahrenheit being optimal for both short and long term wine storage. This temperature reflects the ambient temperature found underground in caves or cellars dug deep into the ground. It can be challenging to maintain consistent temperatures in that exact range without the benefits of several hundred feet of insulating soil or rock.

Fortunately, high-quality steel and glass wine cellar doors can actually do a better job than traditional wine cellars dug into the ground. This is due to the following features found in quality custom steel and glass wine cellar doors from French Steel.



Precision Steel Framing Precision formed steel framing for glass wine cellar doors creates a tight flush fit that prevents air movement in and out of the cellar, preserving a clean and thermally stable environment.
Thermally Broken Frames Thermally broken frames incorporate additional thermal insulation between the steel. This additional insulation keeps heat from entering into the cellar in hot weather or exiting during cold periods.
Double or Triple  Paned Glass Multiple panes of glass in wine cellar doors allow a clear view of the wine collection. Spaces between those panes interrupt thermal transfer between the interior and exterior environment and keeps cellar temperatures stable.
Argon Separated Panes The insulating properties of double or triple-paned glass is further enhanced by argon between the panels. This inert gas is substantially less thermally conductive than air.
Glass Edge Seals Tight seals along the transition from glass pane to steel frame prevent air leakage and the transfer of heat and humidity between the interior and exterior environment.

Modern technology and craftsmanship combine to make glass wine cellar doors the superior choice regardless of location, whether an actual cellar, a storage location adjacent to the kitchen, or an architectural centerpiece to a fine dining establishment. Glass wine cellar doors are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial properties.

Custom Steel and Glass Wine Cellar Doors for any Space

Custom glass wine cellar doors line a wall in a restaurant.

We specialize in custom steel doors and windows for any space, residential or commercial. The quality of French Steel’s glass wine cellar doors allows wine to remain at the perfect temperature for storage within a space as elegant as the wine it contains. Whether your fine wine collection is stored at home or in a commercial space, you can trust French Steel to protect it with well-crafted glass wine cellar doors and windows.

When you’re looking for glass wine cellar doors, The French Steel Company designs, builds, and install the custom glass wine cellar doors and windows that turn your custom wine cellar into a elegant space that protects your investment.

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