Seeking steel windows or doors for your Chicago home? You might have stumbled across the terms “hot rolled steel” and “cold rolled steel” during your research for available window and door installation professionals. If you’re confused about what these terms mean or which type is right for your project, The French Steel Company has the answers you need. Our team has years of industry expertise, helping clients throughout the Chicago region get matched to the right hot rolled steel windows and doors they need.

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What is Hot Rolled Steel?

Hot rolled steel is a term used to describe how the metals used in your steel window or door were processed at the mill. During hot rolled steel construction, steel is rolled at extremely high temperatures to produce the base materials for your windows or doors. On the other hand, cold rolled steel refers to hot rolled steel that is further processed after its initial hot rolling: Once it’s cooled to room temperature, the materials are then annealed and formed into shape.

At The French Steel Company, we primarily produce windows and doors from hot rolled steel due to its cost-effectiveness. We find that hot rolled steel products work best for window and door applications, while cold rolled steel is typically preferred for more intricate projects such as filing cabinets, school lockers, or lawnmowers.

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Benefits of Hot Rolled Steel for Your Chicago Home

Because cold rolled steel is processed more at the mill, these products cost much more than hot rolled steel windows and doors. Despite less processing, hot rolled steel products are surprisingly durable. In fact, compared to the longevity of cold rolled steel, hot rolled steel is virtually identical in terms of product specification and grade. While hot rolled steel may have a more limited set of surface finishes and products may fall outside stricter dimensional tolerances, these tolerances are rarely used in normal architectural settings.

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