One of the most important steps during any bathroom remodel is choosing the right shower door. Your shower door will help tie the whole design together and define the ambiance you want to create for your shower.

Customized shower doors give your bathroom a timeless and classic look, no matter which style you choose. At The French Steel Company, we recommend hinged shower doors for function and style. We install:

Steel-Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors are a standard for homes, but using a steel frame adds another visual element while eliminating the possibility for rust with a hot zinc anti-rust coating.

A steel frame allows your shower door to be less prone to leaks and makes the door much more sturdy than frameless doors. Although this style can require frequent cleaning of the frame’s grooves, framed shower doors are a practical, timeless option.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors consist of a very heavy piece of glass held in place with sturdy hardware that blends in more than steel-framed doors.

If you want your bathroom to look more modern and need a shower door that’s easier to clean, or if you want to show off a beautiful tile design, this shower door style is for you.

The only downside of frameless shower doors is that they don’t retain heat as well as framed shower doors, but this can be solved with an alternative design or powerful showerhead.

Thermally Broken Shower Doors

If you want your shower or shower room to trap in heat and steam like a sauna does, consider a luxurious, thermally broken shower door. This design will allow you to show off any beautiful tiling details inside and avoid losing heat like a frameless shower door does.

Since you are enclosing your shower in glass and steel, this option will cost more than a framed or frameless shower door. But a thermally broken shower door is very useful for locking out the winter cold and for homeowners who love the luxury of temperature-controlled shower space.

Beautiful and Durable Shower Doors from The French Steel Company

For striking, luxurious shower door designs for your bathroom, contact The French Steel Company. Our glass and steel shower doors offer the height of design, beauty, and practicality so that you can make your showers luxurious.

You can rest assured that you will love your new shower door for years to come with our product warranties.

Contact The French Steel Company and tell us about your bathroom remodeling project today!

French Steel’s doors and windows transform both the appearance and livability of a home. Their beauty is more than skin deep, combining the durability and timeless look of steel and glass with modern thermal breaking that improves the efficiency of home heating and cooling.

For more information on types of luxury shower doors, contact French Steel to start planning your home transformation.

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