During the winter, homeowners and business owners focus on how to keep their families, clients, and employees warm and comfortable.

Many will first look to update their heating system, but it’s actually smarter to replace key features of your home sooner rather than later.

Replacing windows and doors in the winter means that you’ll get to enjoy them in the summer! And you’ll likely have an easier time scheduling as most of our clients opt for window and door installation in warmer months.

Here are a few more reasons why the winter season is the best time of the year to replace your windows and doors:

Increased Energy Efficiency & Natural Lighting

New windows and doors are built with durability, efficiency, and elegance in mind so that you don’t have to sacrifice the beauty of the outdoors to lower your energy bill.

Specifically, steel doors and windows are custom-designed with thin lines to let in natural sunlight, reducing your need to turn on more lights in your home during the shortest days of the year.

And with thermally broken steel windows and doors, your heating system will be able to retain more of the heat it produces.

Year-Round Comfort & Protection From Harsh Weather

Whether you live in windy Chicago or a more moderate climate like Georgia, your home’s or business’s windows and doors endure harsh weather conditions like rain, ice, snow, or extreme heat.

Thermally broken steel windows and doors keep your indoor environment comfortable year-round by preventing air from leaking through like older, poorly sealed windows and doors might.

If the weather is hot outside, thermally broken doors and doors lock in conditioned air. During the winter, they insulate your property to retain warmth from your heating system.

Reduced Condensation Buildup

Thermally broken steel doors and windows reduce condensation, so they can even prevent frost buildup in the winter. You’ll always have a clear and open view of the outdoors from the comfort of your home or business.

Along with the beautiful view, thermally broken steel doors and windows trap in both warm and cool air, which will help you control the humidity of your home in the summer so you’ll feel cooler, even without adjusting the thermostat.

Choose The French Steel Company for Window & Door Replacement No Matter the Season

The French Steel Company designs high-class, luxury steel windows and doors for business owners and homeowners.

All of our windows and doors are custom-designed to be durable, energy-efficient, and sustainable. Our professional team is proud to install beautiful windows and doors that are built to last, so don’t wait — schedule today!

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French Steel’s doors and windows transform both the appearance and livability of a home. Their beauty is more than skin deep, combining the durability and timeless look of steel and glass with modern thermal breaking that improves the efficiency of home heating and cooling.

For more information on replacing your doors & windows in winter, contact French Steel to start planning your home transformation.

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