French Steel Hardware for Doors

If you have decided to install high-quality steel doors from The French Steel Company, you have made a wise choice for your home or business. The next step is to choose hardware that complements the sleek look and narrow sightlines of your steel doors. Aesthetics, security, and performance are all important criteria in the selection process.

The French Steel Company offers a variety of beautiful, high-performance hardware options from some of today’s leading manufacturers. Every piece of hardware features sturdy brass or bronze construction with various finishes and style options to complement your home or business.

For high-quality steel door hardware, look no further than The French Steel Company. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings or to schedule an estimate. We serve customers in Atlanta, DC, and beyond.

Ashley Norton Steel Door Hardware

With a history dating back to 1987, Ashley Norton has become a leading designer and manufacturer of stylish architectural hardware. Each option provides distinct character for a whole, consistent look across your home or business. Numerous designs, finishes, and operating styles are available, from grip handles in dark bronze to levers in white bronze. Indeed, the product range from Ashley Norton is among the most diverse in the luxury hardware industry.

Emtek Steel Door Hardware

If you’re looking for custom levers, knobs, grips, and locks, Emtek could be the right choice. There is no predetermined combination of hardware, allowing customers to mix and match based on their personal preference. Founded in 1981, Emtek is dedicated to releasing unique new styles while also retaining the classics, making it a great choice for traditional restaurants, rustic resorts, transitional hotels, or contemporary homes. Then, EMPowered motorized touchscreen keypad locks are ideal for smart-home enthusiasts who want a way to provide keyless entry and automation from anywhere using a web-enabled device.

Baldwin Steel Door Hardware

Founded in 1946, Baldwin has decades of experience manufacturing precision hardware for steel doors. The Baldwin mortise lock is world-renowned for its quality and security. Lock cases are constructed of heavy gauge steel with a rust-resistant coating, and working parts are made of solid forged brass. Paired with grips, knobs, and levers in gorgeous styles and finishes, expect to enjoy hand-crafted beauty and precision both inside and out.

Weslock Steel Door Hardware

Providing security, safety, and style since 1932, Weslock has proven to be one of the most celebrated steel door hardware manufacturers of all time. Not only are Weslock knobs, levers, and entry handles strong and long-lasting, but they’re also designed to maintain a beautiful appearance after years of use. Expect trouble-free operation from Split Spindles and Easy Action Latches that set Weslock apart from the competition. The available Panic Proof mechanism is a useful tool for exiting the home quickly in an emergency. The safety-minded feature prevents lockouts, is ADA recommended, and is simple enough to understand that even a small child can activate it.

Select Steel Door Hardware With Help From The French Steel Company

Inspired by French and European architecture since 2005, The French Steel Company has earned a reputation for delivering the finest custom steel doors and windows available anywhere. We provide tailored services—including custom hardware, finishes, and glass—to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you want a customized entry or wine room, a window wall or folding doors, our professionals are available to assist you throughout the entire process, from initial design to final installation.

Contact us today to begin the process of selecting hardware for your high-quality steel doors.

Whichever style you choose, proper installation of your hardware is critical for proper functionality. Each component in the selection of the hardware for residential or commercial steel windows and doors adds to the security and ease of access to your space, so proper management of installation is crucial. Our AAMA window installation methods will make certain that your hardware is handled with care and operating properly.

While the primary goal of the hardware for custom steel and glass doors is security and ease of entry, the design selection of hardware can be equal to the elegance and style of your new steel and glass doors. With three diverse hardware manufactures to choose from, we offer diverse styles and functions to complement the architecture of any project.

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