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What makes for a luxury steel door? Is it the combination of steel and glass that offers wide open views, plentiful light, and the joy of the outdoors even when the doors are closed tightly and locked? Is it the fine finishes of steel and glass that are a pleasing sight to the eye? Is it quality hardware that turns smoothly and closes with a satisfying steadiness? In truth, it is all of the above, and a luxury steel door manufacturer should offer a range of glass and steel finishes, hardware to match any architectural style, quality materials assembled with care, and craftsmanship during installation. Luxury steel doors are more than black steel doors with glass. Real luxury steel door manufacturers should offer homeowners:

steel glass entryway doors viewed from exterior stone porch brick shrubs and greenery

Beauty inside and curb appeal outside:
Hardware options that match a wide range of design styles, from Mediterranean to modern. With options for flush or overlapping fits.

High strength and high security:
Hardware should not only look great inside and out but also lock securely and be built to last.

Protection from the elements:
Luxury steel doors are designed with weatherproofing and insulation to prevent air leaks, drafts, and moisture.

Energy efficiency and soundproof:
Luxury steel doors should be built to protect privacy, comfort, and the wallet from excessive energy costs.

Environmental Sustainability:
Finally, a luxury steel door should be an investment in the future of the home and society. It should maintain energy efficiency over the long haul, built to last while saving energy.

The French Steel Company is a luxury door manufacturer that offers steel doors with clean and open sight lines. Far more than just black steel doors with glass, these are custom doors that are available outside of standard sizes and offer your choice of six finishes for both the steel and the glass. They can be further customized with a wide array of hardware. The French Steel Company is a luxury door manufacturer whose products offer a wide open feeling during design and when you look through your doors and windows when installed in your home.

Luxury Steel Doors and Windows With Italian Steel and European Style

FerroFinestra literally means window iron in Italian, but in truth, it offers so much more. The French Steel Company’s Tuscan Series of doors starts with hot-rolled and cold-formed steel from Ottostrums FerroFinestra line of window and door profiles. These are the slender and minimalist steel pieces that make up the frame of the windows and doors. The cold-forming process offers a greater degree of precision in making the finely detailed shapes that hold glass into place and seal the doors and windows against the environment. These profiles combine Swiss engineering and Italian steel to offer fine European luxury steel doors for your home.

Thermally broken doors from The French Steel Company’s Tuscan Line use steel from Secco Sistemi. OS2 65 cold-rolled galvanized steel offers many of the same features as FerroFinestra steel. However, thermally breaking in the form of added insulation and additional seals helps to thoroughly insulate these luxury steel doors from the outside environment—allowing clear lines of sight, letting the light in while keeping winter chill securely locked outside of the home.

an Image from the interior of luxury steel doors.

Relieved Stress:

Hot rolling steel allows internal stresses within the metal to be balanced out. When followed by natural cooling, this allows for these stresses to become normalized. As a result, the metal settles into a more stable state.

Improved Strength:

Cold-forming steel bends it past its ultimate yield strength. This is, in essence, a type of strain hardening that enhances the profile’s overall strength, creating more robust luxury steel doors and windows.

Consistent Dimensions:

Cold-formed steels have smoother and cleaner lines as the additional forming evens out areas that have contracted slightly during the cooling process.

Smooth Surfaces:

Finally, as a result of the cold rolling process, these steels take on a smoother surface compared to steel that has been simply hot rolled. This allows for finer and longer-lasting finishes to be applied.

The combination of hot-rolling followed by cold-forming offers superior product profiles for luxury steel door manufacturers to make the finest quality doors. When you choose steel doors from The French Steel Company’s Tuscan Line, there is no sacrifice in quality whether you choose doors made from FerroFinestra or Secco Sistemi steel profiles.

Why French Steel is Your Luxury Door Manufacturer

The French Steel Company is a luxury steel door manufacturer that serves the whole continental United States and beyond. Our luxury steel doors and windows are featured in showrooms in AtlantaChicagoWashington DC, and Boca Raton. Our network of dealers stretches from coast to coast, and wherever you live, there is a French Steel representative that can help you start the design, order luxury steel doors with the finishes and hardware that are right for your home, and ensure your installation goes smoothly. 

A luxury steel door manufacturer should build their products to last, and The French Steel Company’s Tuscan Line is made to offer the finest in European elegance and home comfort and to do so for decades. Impact-resistant doors are available for homes in hurricanes and other high-wind areas. These luxury steel doors are custom-built from the highest quality materials to meet the demands of South Florida storm seasons and far northern winters. They are then installed with care and concern to ensure tight fits, smooth hardware action, and the highest luxury in your home’s beauty and daily living.

Contact The French Steel Company to experience what a luxury steel door manufacturer that cares about its product can offer. The French Steel Company brings custom designs, timeless elegance, and an airy feeling of light and openness to every design and installation our company does.

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