Choose How the Look That Fits Your Washington, D.C. Home or Business 

We offer a range of custom steel glass door and custom steel glass window options for Washington, D.C. homes and commercial buildings. For custom steel glass doors, glass choices are based on whether the door is for an entryway or an interior, how much privacy and light is desired, and the overall architectural design. 

Glass panels are insulated and tempered for safety. Many special-order patterns are available, as well as laminated impact-resistant glass for coastal hurricane zones. All of our glass offerings feature clear and multiple levels of low-E for UV filtration and protection.

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    Pear Glass

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Glacier Glass

Glacier glass is a popular option for front entry steel frame glass doors. It offers transparency with a touch of privacy.

Monumental Glass

Monumental glass is a largely non-transparent style that is often used in a setting where privacy glass is not required but some privacy is still desired. This option is commonly used for patios and decks, separating your space from the outside environment.

Aquatex Glass

Aquatex has become a popular option in recent years for our steel wine cellar doors. An elegant approach to semi-transparent viewing allows a line of sight without offering a clear picture of what lies beyond.

Pear Glass

Pear glass is one of The French Steel Company’s privacy options. This glass is often used for steel glass windows and steel shower doors in a bath area setting to remove transparency while allowing the presence of natural light.

Rain Glass

Rain glass is our most popular privacy glass option. Providing a stylish barrier between spaces, rain glass lets in natural light without exposing what’s beyond its surface.

Sandblast Glass

Sandblast glass is our traditional semi-opaque glass option. A straightforward solution to your privacy needs, this option is often seen in commercial settings for custom steel and glass doors.

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The French Steel Company has been providing high-quality French steel doors and windows all over the United States for years. We know what makes the sturdiest doors and the most beautiful windows, and we’re proud to provide custom glass solutions for home and business owners throughout the Washington, D.C. area. 

If you have any questions about our glass options for French steel doors or windows, contact us today!

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