Choosing the right hardware for your French steel doors and windows is critical. At The French Steel Company, our team offers a broad variety of styles and zinc-coated steel finishes from the industry’s top-rated manufacturers of high-performance hardware solutions. Our Chicago French steel experts can provide the hardware recommendations you need to perfectly complement the sleek aesthetic and narrow sightlines of steel doors while prioritizing your security and safety.

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Hardware for French Steel Doors & Windows in Chicago

As one of the most crucial components of commercial steel windows and doors, the hardware you select is an incredibly important piece of the design process that can’t be overlooked. Door panel, window sash, and lockbox manufacturing are among the first steps in the steel door and window fabrication process, making hardware selection the top priority for your custom door and window creation. At The French Steel Company, our team offers a broad range of industry-leading hardware solutions from the most reputable manufacturers, including:


Featuring superior handles, locks, and levers, Emtek’s craftsmanship is second to none, offering a broad range of design options for all your custom French steel door and window hardware needs. There is no predetermined combination of knobs, levers, rosettes, and finishes: Customize to your heart’s content according to your stylistic preferences!

Emtek also features electronic and web-enabled Emtouch™ hardware that provides state-of-the-art electronic and digital entry systems for remote and keyless operation. Grant access to visitors and enhanced home or business security with Emtek’s sophisticated hardware solutions.

Rocky Mountain

Expertly crafted right here in America, Rocky Mountain hardware features the finest art-grade bronze and precision-quality mechanisms that stand the test of time. Each Rocky Mountain hardware component is backed by their lifetime product guarantee (installation not included), and is individually cast for a one-of-a-kind character. They even hand-apply patina that grows richer and more lustrous when faced with environmental elements.

Ashley Norton

Since 1987, Ashley Norton has established itself as an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of stylish architectural hardware. Design, finishes, and operating styles are available in a broad variety to satisfy even the most discerning stylistic preference. Available in both solid brass and solid bronze, their product range features the most diverse selection in luxury architectural hardware for French steel windows and doors.

Get the Right Hardware for French Steel Doors & Windows

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