Select the Right Finishing Touch for Your Steel Windows & Doors

French Steel doors and windows are available in a variety of hand-applied faux finishes, as well as matte black. We pride ourselves on attention to detail. When designing custom steel windows and doors, choosing the right steel door finishes and steel window finishes is an essential part of the project.

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Finish Options for Steel Doors & Windows

We offer six custom zinc-coated steel door finishes. Our hand-applied hot zinc spray, applied before the finish, protects the steel from rust. An exterior clear coat helps protect against the elements to preserve the final finish. The French Steel Company offers a one-year warranty on faux finishes. Black finishes have a 1 to 10 year warranty depending on the application.

How to Choose the Right Finish for Your Atlanta Home or Business

Finishing is a major aspect when it comes to metal windows and doors. The environment surrounding your project will often suggest a certain color or tone for your steel windows and steel doors, and our wide range of faux finishes are designed to fit any setting.

Many black steel glass doors are kept standard with their matte finish, but at The French Steel Company, we like our customers to have options. Our six custom finishes offer the ability to blend your steel windows and doors with the rest of your project in a seamless, elegant fashion.

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Our Finishing Process for Steel Doors & Windows in Atlanta

Each steel window finish and steel door finish is applied by hand to give a unique, rustic feel that will last as long as your windows and doors. Our refined hot zinc spray process is applied to all our products before finishing to ensure the prevention of rust on your steel products. Once the product has been zinc treated, it is then:

With these measures, we guarantee not only the strength and durability of your steel windows and steel doors but the finish as well.

If you have any questions about the finishes for French steel doors or windows for Atlanta homes and businesses, simply contact us today!

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