steel glass entryway doors viewed from exterior stone porch brick shrubs and greenery

As a Florida resident or business owner, you know that durable, impact-rated windows and doors are a must. The French Steel Company has the beautiful, custom products you seek.

Drawing on over 15 years of design, manufacturing, and installation experience, we have created window and door solutions uniquely capable of withstanding West Palm Beach’s high winds, humidity, and other weather challenges.

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Benefits of Steel Windows & Doors

Of all the window and door materials available, steel is among the most striking. Appropriate for both homes and businesses, steel windows and doors offer the following benefits:

Tell us about your next project, and we’ll show you how steel windows and doors can meet your needs.

Steel Window Installation in West Palm Beach

Impeccably beautiful steel windows from The French Steel Company feature state-of-the-art materials and finishes designed specifically for Florida’s salty, humid, windy weather.

Choose the product that best meets your needs:

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West Palm Beach Steel Door Installation

Steel doors from The French Steel Company are engineered for strength, with slender frames capable of holding large expanses of insulated glass.

We also offer high-end hardware from reputable manufacturers to make your steel door more luxurious than you thought possible. Consider the various steel doors we offer:

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Selecting the perfect steel windows and doors for your home or commercial property is best done with The French Steel Company by your side.

As a full-service company, our expert team does everything from design to manufacturing to installation. We strive to deliver custom steel solutions that achieve the perfect design while boosting energy efficiency, functionality, and comfort.

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